An Open Letter to EVE Fans

Hello, pilots. It’s been awhile.

For my first post ever on my own website, I want to thank everyone who has read EVE: The Empyrean Age, and EVE: Templar One. I’m humbled by the success of these novels, and especially grateful to those who left a good review on Amazon. As a writer, there’s no greater feeling than seeing your work bring a positive experience to people.

However, I do owe some of you an apology. To those who have asked if there would be a
third book, my answer was silence. The reason is because I wasn’t ready to announce this until now.

After the events of 2011, I realized that my entire experience at CCP would go to waste if I didn’t continue writing. I was given an incredible opportunity, and while the storyline we collaboratively built was ended without conclusion, the time was right for a new sci-fi journey to begin. The fans who have supported my work deserve as much, and they are just the most wonderful people on earth.

So my answer is, yes I’ve written my third novel, but no, it won’t be the third book in the EVE series I had originally planned. This is a new universe, and the novel is called The Tabit Genesis. Everything you enjoyed about the EVE novels is here, but improved. I built upon my experiences and lessons learned and tried to build something appealing to all science fiction fans. I really believe there is something here for everyone, and hopefully you will too.

I have no game design, content, video trailers, or artists supporting this work. You’ll have to build the visuals the timeless way: By reading the words to fuel your imagination.

The novel will be published on May 28th by Gollancz, to whom I will always be grateful. I am humbled to be counted among their authors, and I encourage you to continue supporting their work as well. Readers in the UK can pick up the book in Waterstones, Blackwells, Foyles, Smiths, and Hive. For the time being, all other shoppers including the US will only be able to purchase it from The Book Depository, which has free international postage and delivers very fast, and Amazon. The ebooks will be available through Apple and Kobo.

Your support over the years has been remarkable. I hope you’ll follow me to this new universe.

All the best,


Tabit Genesis Cover