T-minus Zero

Today is equal parts relief and apprehension. On one hand, I’ve reached the top of a mountain and it’s been a long climb. On the other, I’m already staring ahead towards the next peak and the challenges before it.

The Tabit Genesis has many threads and characters set in a world modeled after a post-humanistic, post-apocalyptic future. As I plan the sequel to the events set in motion with the Tabit, I hope to solicit as much feedback as I can from you, the readers, so that I deliver the most engaging and memorable experience that I possibly can. I would love to learn which characters you found most interesting, and which aspects of the world you felt were the most compelling.

As part of the publicity and marketing efforts for Tabit, there will be blogs detailing some of the creative process that went into this. Some have been published already. SciFiNow published this article about my thoughts on heroes and the real-life themes which inspired the world building in Tabit. This blog in Geek Syndicate is about my experience writing tie-in fiction for EVE versus creating a new world from scratch. And finally, you can read where some of the inspiration for the book came from over on the Gollancz blog.

There will be more of these in the coming days. Meanwhile, I really hope you enjoy the book. This is my third “Publication Day.” It has been the most surreal and solitary celebration of them, but somehow also the most rewarding. Years of work and so much life in between culminating to this point. This is the end of the beginning. The next peak beckons.